Have questions about Textbooks? Look no further! Below is general information about different questions many people have about textbooks. If you have any questions not answered here please contact us at Bookstore@ycp.edu.

Topics covered are:

  • Types of Textbooks
  • Return Policy
  • Buyback

Types of textbooks offered at the Bookstore

Below is a list of the different kinds of textbooks we offer at the Bookstore. The letter or words in parenthesis, such as (p) or (Bundle), represents what you may see on our website to distinguish the different kinds of textbooks.


(p) Paperback - Textbook with a soft backing book.
(REV) Revised version - Changed or updated version of a textbook.
(Loose pages) - Unbound edition of a textbook. A binder is not included.
(Bundle) - Bundle of more than one book.
(w/New Access Card) - A textbook that is bundled with a new access card.
(w/Bind in Access Code) - A textbook that includes a scratch-off access code.
(w/out) - A textbook that does not include an Access Code.
(Text Only) - This includes just the textbook
(SG&SM) - Study guide and Solutions Manual included.


(DDA) Direct Digital Access - Course materials are accessible from day one using the link provided by the professor. The textbook is paid for through the E-bill under "course-related fees".
(Expires in 180 days) - An e-book that expires in 180 days. The code and link to access the E-book will be included on the receipt.
(Expires in 120 days) - An e-book that expires in 120 days. The code and link to access the E-book will be included on the receipt.
(Lifetime) - An e-book that never expires. The code and link to access the E-book will be included on the receipt. 

Textbook return policy

A register receipt is required for all returns and exchanges. If you lose your original cash register receipt, the York College Bookstore is not responsible for providing proof of purchase.


  • Returns will be accepted with a register receipt during the add/drop period of the academic semester for a full refund.
  • Last day for returns of the Spring 2020 semester: HAS PASSED
  • If purchased NEW, books must be returned in perfect condition, free from any writings, marks, highlighting, stains, and/or damage to cover or binding. All shrink wrap packages must be unopened and access codes sealed.
  • Textbooks purchased after the stated returns period are not returnable or eligible for exchange.
  • Optional books, trade books, reference materials, and course notes/labs are not returnable. 


  • Refunds will be issued in the original form of payment.
  • Personal Checks - require a 10 day waiting period to receive a refund.
  • Credit Card - Customers must have the credit card or credit information that was used on the original purchase. It may take multiple business days for the credit to be present on your credit card.
  • Cash will be refunded in cash.

Textbook buyback Information


Earn up to 50% of the retail value of your used textbooks at the bookstore!

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