1. Direct Digital Access
     a. Opting In / Out
     b. How to Access

2. E-book
     a. How to Access
     b. Haven’t Received / Lost Access Code
     c. Returns / Refunds

3. Navigating / Using RedShelf
     a. Features Video Tutorials

Direct Digital Access

“Course materials are accessible from day one using the link provided by the professor”

With Direct Digital Access (DDA) you are given access when you have access to your course.  DDA is paid for through E-bill as a course material charge. If DDA is opted out of before the add/drop deadline you will be credited for the amount of the materials.

Opting In / Out:


Students are opted in by default and have no need to “opt-in” to the course material if you want to continue using the materials.


You are given the chance to opt-out until the add/drop deadline. If you choose to opt-out you will need to find materials elsewhere.

Cannot change mind after add/drop deadline

How do I opt-out?

    • Enter the RedShelf link, which your professor should have given you,  or go to www.ycpbookstore.redshelf.com. 
    • Navigate to “My Courses” 
    • Click the hyperlink underneath “View Course Materials” that says “View course details to opt-out of course materials” 
    • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the gray button that says “I want to opt-out of access for all required materials for this course.” 
    • Follow the instructions on the box that pops up to complete the opt-out process. 

How to Access:

Your content is made available through Canvas by your professor
    • If it is not available on Canvas, contact your professor
    • If course materials not available and you contacted your professor, contact the LTS Help Desk.
    • Content is available after the course ends through red shelf strictly, not through canvas any longer 

 E-Book Help

E-books are purchased through the bookstore, either in-store or at Bookstore.ycp.edu Highly recommended to use Google Chrome, however, Firefox and Safari will work as well.

How to Access:

  • The RedShelf Access Code is found on the receipt from the bookstore underneath the purchased eBook.
    • Pin # is 16 digits of both capitalized letters and numbers
  • Log in or Create a RedShelf account to “ycpbookstore.redshelf.com”
  • Once logged in, click the “Redeem an Access Code” button located on the “My Shelf” page.
  • Enter the access code and your eBook should appear, as pictured below.

Haven't received or lost access code:

  • Contact the bookstore for a duplicate of your receipt. Visit email us at Bookstore@ycp.edu or call at (717) 849 - 1699

Returns and refunds

  • Returnable - with a receipt of purchase
    • If not used and access code is still sealed
    • Before the add/drop deadline
  • A refund will be issued in the original form of payment

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Navigating RedShelf


Click the Sidebar Menu button to the top left corner after opening your eBook to see the features, which may include:

To view videos for any of the above features head to Redshelf.com.

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